Santa Ana - Prayer and Fasting For Santa Ana - Nov 2


A Day of Fasting

God will build His church in Santa Ana. God will strengthen Christians in Santa Ana. God will save Santa Anans. We will play a role in this, but it's God who will accomplish it. If this is true, one of our greatest roles in planting a church is one that places us on our knees. For this reason, would you join us on November 2 for a day of fasting and prayer for Santa Ana? 

A Night of Prayer

We'll end our day of fasting together by gathering in DTSA to pray together. On Thursday night (11/2) @ 6pm at the 2nd Street Promenade (DTSA's version of the Orange Plaza Fountain!) we'll convene to ask God together to work for His glory in Downtown Santa Ana. Whether you live in OTO or DTSA. Afterward, we'll celebrate and break the fast with a trip to the 4th Street Market for some tacos or Orange County's best pizza

14 Days of Prayer (Topics)

Want to know how to pray and what to pray for? Follow the SGSA Facebook page for daily prayer topics for Santa Ana. Like and comment. But most importantly, pray. God is going before us. He's going to work for His glory. We get to play a part.