Communion Service: Thank You from Anne

A big Thank You to everyone who gave of their time to make the Communion Service happen. Special thanks to the Davis family, the Blackman family (Elizabeth!) , the Espositos and the Cards for showing up early, setting up and making everything look beautiful. See Pastor Mike humbly laying out tablecloths? This is our church. Pastors serving wherever it is needed most, busy families making time to prepare this meal. 

Your sacrifice points us to Christ. 

Special mentions to Michelle E. for cooking 70 lbs of chicken to perfection (with the help of sous chefs Sue, Lois and Lisa). Thanks always to our Pastoral Team for diligently leading through the service and pointing us to gospel. Also, thanks to our A/V team and ushers, who humbly serve behind the scenes. Mark and team, Dylan and Christopher and everybody who made the service happen:

Thank you for serving the church.