2017 State Of The City Address

“Our City of Orange is strong. Community strong, family strong, financially strong.”

Mayor Tita Smith delivered the State of the City address this week. It's an encouraging report of how God's common grace is at work in our community. Take a moment to read it and then pray for Orange.

"The roots of our desire to be a “small town” community go back over a century. In A Brief History of Orange, California, The Plaza City, Historian Phil Brigandi quotes Lena Mae Thompson, who was born in Orange in 1891: “The Plaza was a social center. The farmers all came to town on Saturdays…(and) the ladies would get together and visit. The stores stayed open until nine o’clock…every block had two grocery stores in it.”"

"Thanks to a partnership with both our Orange Public Library Foundation and the wonderful non-profit Orange Home Grown, the Orange Public Library and History Center now offers an heirloom seed Lending Library."

"For the first time since the 1960s, our Panthers went undefeated on the field for 6 consecutive games, and ended the season with 8 wins, two losses. Those six victories were followed by the long standing tradition of Panther fans gathering at the Plaza and cheering on our players as the busses circled the Plaza, once for each touchdown, horns honking."

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