Communion Service FAQs

Our Sunday morning service is cancelled this week. We meet at 5 pm for a special service that includes a family style meal. Have questions about the logistics of it? Here are our top questions and answers.

What can I bring?

  • Households of 1 or 2 people bring a vegetable side or salad.
  • Households of 3 bring mashed potatoes.
  • Households of 4 or more brings mashed potatoes and a dessert. 

I have a baby/toddler. Does my household count as a 3 person household? 

If you expect your child to eat the food we are sharing, count them. If not, or not really, err on the side of the smaller household number.

How can I keep my dish warm? 

If you bring your food in a crockpot, you will be able to plug it in at the table. 

I have special dietary needs. Tell me about the main dish. 

The main dish is chicken marinated in olive oil and spices. No gluten and no soy ingredients. 

I have special dietary needs. Can I sit by food I am able to eat?

You can sit anywhere you want. If you don't find a place where you can fill your plate with enough food for you, please feel free to get up and scour other tables. 

I am not sure if I/my children should participate in the Lord's Supper. Please advise. 

Anyone who has placed their trust in Christ is invited to join us. Please read our statement on communion for more information. 

How could I help more?

Yes, please. Contact Anne for instructions. 




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