Get Your Romans Resources Here

Are you looking for a good resource to compliment our sermon series through the Book of Romans? Let's skip right past works that focus on a particular subject or theme. We'll also avoid anything devotional or sermonic. Here are 3 commentaries that go verse by verse through Romans.

The "I wish I knew Greek." option.

The New International Commentary on The New Testament by Douglas J. Moo. This commentary is the gold standard. Serious students need it. Too challenging for newer students. Written in 1996 with a new edition coming out very soon.

The "I've been reading a lot of blogs." option.

Pillar New Testament Commentary by Colin G. Kruse. This commentary is best suited for the student who wants to drill down into the text, verse by verse. Technical but easier to read than Moo. The author does a good job interacting with contemporary theological dialogue.

The "What about that verse." option.

Focus on The Bible by Paul Barnett. This is the shortest and easiest to read of the three. The author attempts to cover all the bases in 384 pages. No small feat when you consider Moo's edition is 1038 and Martin Lloyd Jones did it in 5075 pages (the set weighs 17.1 pounds).