Sing Goodbye to Death

Jesus' invincible life breaks the grip that death has on us!

This Sunday, we sing "Goodbye" to death.

Listen above and check out the lyrics below so that you are ready to sing along with us. You can also listen to this song (and many other good songs!) by heading to our Spotify playlist.

Verse 1
When death shows his face and bares his teeth
May we with faith run to Calvary
Not one shed tear, no strand of grief
Falls to the ground and goes unseen

Death is defeated, and Jesus reigns
Tell the world there is hope in His name
He pushed back the darkness, He conquered our sin
And Christ will make all things new again
And Christ will make all things new again, new again

Verse 2
We’re blinded by trials, our lives marked with pain
Shadows surround us, but there's hope today
When sorrow runs deep and the night is long
May we find peace in the Savior’s song

Verse 3
The sun it is dawning it pierces the night
It cuts through the shadow with redemption’s light
The fallen will rise, the weak will be strong
Death turns to life in our Savior’s arms