Where Should You Sit On Sunday?

Are you sitting in the same place you sat on your first Sunday?

Here's a really easy way for you to make friends and serve our guests. Choose new seats. Move up, move back, sit on the other side of the isle. Isn't it funny how we are all creatures of habit, often sitting in the same seat we sat in on week one? If you do nothing else just move 2 rows forward. Here's why...

  1. Moving forward serves our guests, who often find it uncomfortable to have to sit up front because all of us regulars "reserved" the back.
  2. Moving forward serves younger families with squirmy kids who need to get out of their seats from time to time.
  3. Moving forward also sounds better. The singing gets louder up front because the entire congregation is singing in one direction...towards the front.
  4. Moving forward encourages our leaders. It's lonely up there when the first couple rows are empty.
  5. Moving forward forces those who sit in front of you to move too ;)

No big deal if you need to keep your regular seats. Stay put. We're talking to the rest of us "creatures of habit."

LatestChurch Staff