Church Council Meeting Recap

Every year our pastors and deacons gather for a meeting to review and coordinate their ministries. We call this our Church Council. A body consisting of all official office holders in our local church. You can read more about our leaders here.

Our council met this past Sunday.

From Pastor Eric...

I wish everyone could have been at this meeting. It was so encouraging to listen to the guys spend the first 45 minutes celebrating God's grace at work in the members and ministry of our church. So encouraging!

Your deacons are busy and we have begun to discuss the need to identify and equip future deacons. We also discussed training additional Finance and Law Committee members. David and Les are mature deacons with broad shoulders. They are doing a great job of ensuring everyone is cared for and enjoying the fruit of the gospel at work in our congregation.

The Pastoral Team also introduced a number of goals and upcoming projects, including church planting in Santa Ana. Each of them was met with joy and excitement as to where the Lord is leading us.

Thanks for praying. There is a profound sense of faith and unity right now. This is a gift from God. Your Church Council loves serving you.