Do You Know The Higgins House?

Photo by Grant Rivera

Photo by Grant Rivera

The home of Old Towne's first furniture seller.

Gordon Wilmar Higgins, 84, remembers drinking “homemade brew” in the basement of his grandfather’s house in Old Towne Orange. He was, he figures, about 7 years old.

“As a little kid, they let me come down there and they’d give me a little jigger of their booze,” he recalled, leading a reporter on a tour of the property.

The house, built in 1924, is on the market at $1.095 million.

The 1,928-square-foot, Mediterranean Revival style house, with its opera balcony, is a rarity in Old Towne, with blocks full of Craftsman homes and bungalows.

This one was known as the “Higgins House,” for the original owner, George’s grandfather, who built the home and was the first furniture seller in the area.

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