We Are Starting More Small Groups


Your ministry is prospering.

Our small groups help us follow Jesus in the everyday stuff of life. Meetings, text messages, meals, and prayers. Your doing it. It's your ministry. People are changing. God is blessing your work.

As our groups grow, they lose some of the small group dynamics. This is why we start new groups. We want everyone to experience what we have been enjoying. We want to make room for new people both in our homes and our lives. We only have some much time and space.

The Sohie Group

The Adam group in North Orange is multiplying. Dylan and Christy will begin leading the existing group as Nate and Anne start a new one in Old Towne Orange. Both will be meeting on Friday nights. The new group will begin in October.

If you would like to join the new group, email Nate for more info. If you are new and not sure what group is best for you, click here to fill out a form.  We will send you info on all the groups.