Santa Ana Neighbors - Rodney



Many who now call our city home find their roots in other parts of the country ... or the world. Rodney is one of those. Born and raised in Georgia, his career brought him to Southern California. He grew up in the church and can quote Scripture with the best. He built a career in aerospace engineering. He loves talking with people. He's also fallen on hard times recently and has been without work for many months. 

We've caught up with Rodney on numerous occasions, each time, pausing to pray with and for him. He's looking to get more out of life: in a new job, in an "authentic" church, in a community of people who can become like family in a place where he has no family. We thank God for people like Rodney. We are also committed to continue to pray for people like Rodney. To see the joy of Jesus spread throughout his life. 

If you want to meet him, swing by the Starbucks in DTSA early just about any weekday morning. He'll be delighted to chat with you. 

Santa Ana, LatestKyle Houlton