Why Small Groups?

This Is Your Ministry

Small Groups are not one ministry in the life of our church, they are the ministry. Like breathing, these groups provide oxygen to our relationships with one another. They facilitate discipleship. They provide a context for us to help one another become more like Jesus.

We’ve begun a short series on the question, “Why small groups?” This is the next installment.

Reason 2: Focus Your Attention

How many good friends can any one person have? Two? Ten? Twenty?

The reality, even in a small church, is that we can’t know everyone on a deep and meaningful level. We have to pick and choose who to engage with.

How should we make that decision? Who should we open up to? Who should we encourage and influence?

Our simple answer is: the people in your small group. You can’t disciple and be discipled by everyone in the church. But 10-12 people who you meet with regularly? That’s the perfect place to start.

Ok, I’m ready to join a small group.