Reformapalooza FAQs

We have your lunch plans this Sunday. Reformapalooza means fun for the kids and tons of German sausages for the adults.

Below we have answered your most frequently asked questions. However, if we missed something you can always email the church office and we will happily answer.

  1. Where is Reformapalooza being held?
    Right across the street from the Woman’s Club in the church office parking lot.

  2. Where should I park?
    We recommend parking in the library parking lot right next to the church office.

  3. What kind of food will be served?
    The church is providing German sausages and buns. If you have a really restrictive diet, we recommend bringing something with you that you know you can eat.

  4. What should I bring?
    Everyone should bring lawn chairs. All church members please bring a salad. If you have another food item you would like to bring, please let Anne know.

  5. If I bring food, where should I put it during the service?
    Drop it off at the church office before you head to the service. If you are unable to do that, keep it with you and you can place it in the refrigerator at the Woman’s Club. Bring it with you when you come over after the service.

  6. Will there be fun things for kids to do?
    We have our best minds putting together a play area for kids which will be staffed with volunteers.

  7. Will there be fun things for adults to do?
    A bunch of food and a bunch of friends. What else do you need?

  8. Are there restrooms near the church office?
    Definitely. You will have easy access to restrooms during Reformapalooza.

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