Church Budget

We publish updates on our financial status throughout the year. A final annual report is published every Fall.

These figures represent the grace of God at work in the members and friends of our local church. It's unmistakable. God is being kind towards us and we want to thank Him and you.

Thank you.

Of course, numbers are only a small fraction of all the way our church is contributing to the ministry of our church. Wouldn't it be great if we could publish a monthly report on your generous affections for one another? Or all the hours you spend together? Thank you for living no longer for yourselves but for God and your neighbor!

May the accounting of His provisions encourage your faith. Please continue to pray that we would steward it all for the advance of His gospel and the good of His church.

Sept 1st 2018 - November 30th 2018

$ 74,106 Contributions

$ 76,244 Expenses

Questions? Please contact a member of our Finance Committee.

Church Staff