Why Small Groups?

This Is Your Ministry

Small Groups are not one ministry in the life of our church, they are the ministry. Like breathing, these groups provide oxygen to our relationships with one another. They facilitate discipleship. They provide a context for us to help one another become more like Jesus.

We’ve begun a short series on the question, “Why small groups?” This is the next installment.

Reason 3: Our Need For Correction

Do you enjoy being told you are wrong? Not many people do.

But it’s a necessary part of Christian discipleship. Our thoughts and our lives need to change. They need to be further aligned to God’s thoughts and His ways. We need to better reflect the image of Jesus.

God often uses others to point out the areas we need to change. My thinking and living is not air-tight. It needs refinement.

Engaging with my small group means the way I think about my life, God, and others will regularly be challenged. Simply by listening to others describe their challenges and decisions I am forced to re-evaluate my own. Not to mention the times when another Christian will “speak the truth in love” to me directly.

This is healthy and good. It’s a foundational reason we have small groups. God has designed and equipped us to help one another change.

Ok, I’m ready to join a small group.