Zac's Testimony


Everything we have belongs to God. We want to be people who live like our lives are not our own. How we spend our money is a huge part of it. It's why we have a Money Management Course.

Zac is one of our most recent graduates from the course. On Sunday we heard how God used it to help him grow in stewarding his finances. Here is what he shared: 

Les and Sue Card do an excellent job hosting the class. Each week they opened up their home for us to meet, and each week they were reading and filling out the homework along with us as if they were doing it for the first time. I really appreciated their openness to describe the financial lessons they have learned over the years and to share their ongoing pursuit to honor God financially.

Early on in the class we all began monitoring our spending, and I was struck by the goodness of the Lord’s provision on a regular basis. Seemingly mundane things like paying rent or buying groceries became opportunities to praise God for taking care of my needs. It has also been a helpful tool for me to check my heart and ask if my desires align with the Lord’s.

I became reinvigorated to seek new ways to give and to experience the joy of giving. It is truly an expression of worship to the Lord to give generously and though I feel like there is still lots of room for me to grow, I have felt that joy in new ways as I have made incremental changes in my giving.

The class also offers hope rooted in the gospel for those who are in unstable financial situations. In poverty and in riches the Lord is with us and the Biblical principles taught in the class are always applicable. I highly recommend the Money Management class to you. Our money can be a spiritual tool that we use for His glory.

If you're interested in joining a future class, let us know.