My Life Is An Offering

Our lives are not our own. We belong to Christ and we devote ourselves to His purposes.

This week we're learning a new song to express our devotion to Christ. Listen above and come ready to sing with us.


Verse 1
This life is an altar
Where I want to offer
My soul and my mind and strength
Cleansed by Your mercy to live a life worthy
Of the One who called my name

Jesus, be glorified
Jesus, be magnified
Let me be a pleasing sacrifice
Jesus, be glorified
Jesus, be magnified
Here at the altar
My life is an offering

Verse 2
How could I not love You?
You authored my rescue
Raised me up, from death to life
Your Spirit is in me, revealing Your glory
Oh, what joy as I give my life

I choose to lose my life, Lord
And find it in You