Neighboring At House Of Hope

Being Good Neighbors For Jesus

On 5th Wednesdays throughout the year, the Pickard small group leads a team to serve at House of Hope. They serve a meal and spend time getting to know the women and children who live there.

A group was there this week and the residents provided anonymous prayer requests. Would you join us in praying for them?

  • "Please say a prayer for my sister. She is currently in remission from leukemia but still has to undergo chemo."

  • "God has blessed me in every way possible. My son and I are grateful for all we have gained. Prayer: patience, growth, our own place, health, keep us safe."

  • "I need prayer for God's will in returning back to school on 9/6. Need county approval before then. I also need prayer for my health. I am battling thyroid and ovarian cancer. Currently undergoing chemo for ovarian. Very strong treatment. And for my children to be comforted during this time. Thank you."

  • "Pray for my son in the Marines in Japan. For my 10-month old son, and for me to get a good job and apartment soon. Thanks."

  • Please pray for my friend to get through chemo. Please pray for me to gain employment. For my daughter to keep her safe and enjoy kindergarten. Thank you."

Thanks for praying.

If you would like to serve at House of Hope, contact Jon and he will invite you to the next one.