Celebrate The Rebels Of The Reformation

A Month-Long Celebration

We have been profoundly shaped by the 16th-century Protestant Reformation. Brothers and sisters gave their lives to protect and preserve the gospel that we hold dear. The gospel that proclaims we are saved by grace alone through faith alone in the saving work of Jesus Christ alone.

It’s this recovery of the Biblical gospel we celebrate every year in October. And this year you can celebrate it for the entire month.

5 Weeks
5 Reformers
1 Great Savior

Come at 9:30am to Sunday School this week as we begin a 5-week series studying the lives of 5 Reformers who had crucial parts to play in the Reformation. Learn about them. Thank God for them. Imitate their faith.

“[Christian Biographies] tell the life story of some Christian in a way that inspires others to love Christ and gives them insight into perplexing aspects of the Christian life and motivates them to follow Jesus no matter what the cost.”
-John Piper

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