New Giving Platform For A New Year

You Want To Give
We Want To Make It Easy

By God’s grace, our church is filled with generous people - men and women whose gratitude to God overflows in generosity. You give your time, your affection, your gifts. You give your lives. Thank you.

You also support the church by giving financially. We want to make that even easier on you, so we’ve switched to a new giving platform: PCO Giving.

You will be able to setup an account, schedule recurring donations, and easily track and export your giving.

Get Registered and Set Up

Head to and click the “Give Now” button. Once there, click the “Login” button at the top and follow the instructions to setup your account. This will make using the features much easier.

(If you’ve been using our old system, it will be disconnected in the next month. Make sure you get switched over to the new system as soon as possible.)

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