3 Reasons To Be At The Loving Our LGBTQ+ Neighbors Event

On Thursday, 4/25/2019 from 7pm-9pm in Old Towne Orange, we are hosting the Loving Our LGBTQ+ Neighbors event. Here are three reasons to make being there a priority:

1. We need clarity.

The issues surrounding gender identity and sexuality are only becoming more contentions and more complex. We need to keep up. We need to know what our neighbors are thinking and feeling if we’re to engage them meaningfully.

2. We need courage.

An orthodox, biblical perspective on gender and sexuality is not popular. A stand for truth is going to take deep conviction about what is true, good, and beautiful.

3. We need compassion.

Real people with real struggles are in need of our gospel ministry. We need to have big hearts in order to love, pursue, and help them.

Ok, I’m ready to register.

LatestChurch Staff