A New Morning Prayer Meeting

“Prayer is so fundamental to the life of the church…It’s like breathing. It is not an option. It’s the engine.”
-Paul Miller

When we pray we take hold of the greatest blessing of our salvation: unobstructed access to God Himself. It’s our lifeline. It’s our source of both peace and power.

Sovereign Grace Church is a praying church. We pray together on Sundays. We pray for one another individually. We pray in small groups and at events. But that doesn’t mean we pray enough.

Martin Luther famously wrote, “It is a good thing to let prayer be the first business of the morning.”

Beginning next Tuesday, May 7th, we will hold a weekly morning prayer meeting. It’ll be hosted at the church office by a rotation of couples in the church.

We invite you to join us in making prayer “the first business of the morning.” Make this part of your weekly routine and plan to get up a little bit earlier on Tuesdays. God is going to meet us.

Morning Prayer Meeting
Every Tuesday Beginning May 7th, 2019
@ The Church Offices

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