Jesus, There's No One Like You

“The only way we can have any access to God, any sight of God, any knowledge of God, any fruition of God, is in and through the God-man, Jesus Christ. Christ makes theology possible; he makes worship possible; he makes communion with God possible; and he makes heaven on earth possible.”
-Mark Jones

The glory of Jesus will be our eternal song. This Sunday, we’re teaching you a new song to meditate on the unique glory of our Savior. Come ready to sing with us.


Verse 1 
There is no song we could sing 
To honor the weight of Your glory 
There are no words we could speak 
To capture the depth of Your beauty 

Jesus, there’s no one like You 
Jesus, we love You, ever adore You 
There’s no one like You 
Jesus, we love You, ever adore You, Lord 

Verse 2 
There is no sinner beyond 
The infinite stretch of Your mercy 
How can we thank You enough 
For how You have loved us completely? 

All we have 
All we need 
All we want is You 

Church Staff