Read Scripture With The Women Of Our Church

Keep the Feast

Our Women’s Ministry Director, Kirsi Turbedsky, and a group of women just finished a Summer reading challenge. They celebrated last week and shared the many ways God met them as they engaged Him through His word.

They’re starting again this Fall and you can join in on the Keep the Feast Bible Reading Challenge. It begins Monday, September 9th and goes through May. You’ll cover the entire Bible reading about 6 chapters a day with a day off each week. The challenge is to keep going, not to check off every box.

There’s a private Facebook group for those participating. This is a place for reminders and encouragement to keep going. You can request to join here.

To participate, head to the website and either print out the pamphlet or use one of the Bible reading apps they have provided.

Thanks for making this effort to be women who deeply love the Scriptures.

LatestChurch Staff