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God's Answer To The Man Who Lost Everything

Look At The Cool Animals

On Sunday Pastor Eric preached the second half of God’s response to Job from Job 40:6-42:6. In it we find God providing a detailed description of two fierce, ancient beasts. It’s God’s way of telling us that He is the master of our every monster.

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When God Answers You

He Is The Answer

On Sunday Pastor Mike preached the first of God’s responses to Job from Job 38:1-40:5. God dignifies us by responding to our many questions, confusions, and groanings. But He responds in a way we never expected. He doesn’t answer our questions. Instead, He offers a panoramic view of Himself. And that is precisely what we need.

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Trusting God With Our "Why" Questions

God Doesn’t Answer Why

On Sunday Pastor Eric preached from Job 28 encouraging us to trust the One who knows every "why" even when He doesn’t give us the answer. He is the wise one. He knows the reasons and meanings behind every heartache and misfortune.

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Why Has God Abandoned Me?

When God Breaks Your Heart

On Sunday Pastor Eric preached from Job 23 explaining that suffering makes God seem absent. When your world turns upside down your heart will break. But God’s heart toward you never changes. And Christ is good at healing all kinds of broken hearts.

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Why Do Good Things Happen To Bad People?

God Isn’t Fair

On Sunday Pastor Eric preached from Job 21 answering the question: why do the wicked prosper? The oppressive rich get richer. The hard-working poor get poorer. Where is the moral order in God’s world? The answer is that God is often good to those who don’t deserve it. He isn’t fair. He’s gracious. Only a gracious God would die in the place of the undeserving. That’s the kind of God we need.

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Am I Suffering Because Of My Sin?


On Sunday Pastor Dustin preached from Job 4:1-9 beginning three weeks covering the speeches of Job’s friends. He reminded us that sin is not always the direct cause of suffering. Often times, God’s purposes in suffering are mysterious. Many people suffer innocently in His world. Job did. Jesus did. And we will too.

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The Better Sufferer

What is the worst thing that could happen to you?

On Sunday Pastor Eric asked us to ponder that question as he preached from Job 1:6-2:10. We should not attempt to compare our suffering to Job. It’s likely that his suffering is worse. But Job serves as a model of how to suffer well. We need to learn from him, not compare ourselves to him.

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