Free Lunch For Guests This Sunday


This week is our regularly scheduled Intro Course. The Intro Course is the perfect next step if you want to get to know Sovereign Grace Church better.

The class is led by a pastor and hosted in their home. Join us this Sunday 12/2/2018 right after out service from 12:30pm-2:30pm. Lunch and childcare are provided.


The Intro Course is for any and every guest of Sovereign Grace Church. Whether you've attended for 1 Sunday or 100 Sundays. Whether you're a Christian or not. Whether you want to join as a member or have no idea what membership is.


It's a place to come and explore, learn, and ask questions.

Get registered right here.

Church Budget

We publish updates on our financial status throughout the year. A final annual report is published every Fall.

These figures represent the grace of God at work in the members and friends of our local church. It's unmistakable. God is being kind towards us and we want to thank Him and you.

Thank you.

Of course, numbers are only a small fraction of all the way our church is contributing to the ministry of our church. Wouldn't it be great if we could publish a monthly report on your generous affections for one another? Or all the hours you spend together? Thank you for living no longer for yourselves but for God and your neighbor!

May the accounting of His provisions encourage your faith. Please continue to pray that we would steward it all for the advance of His gospel and the good of His church.

Sept 1st 2018 - October 31st 2018

$ 50,810 Contributions

$ 48,604 Expenses

Questions? Please contact a member of our Finance Committee.

David Christensen
Trusting God With Our "Why" Questions

God Doesn’t Answer Why

On Sunday Pastor Eric preached from Job 28 encouraging us to trust the One who knows every "why" even when He doesn’t give us the answer. He is the wise one. He knows the reasons and meanings behind every heartache and misfortune.

Listen to the sermon.

Picnic In The Plaza This Sunday


Immediately following our Sunday service, we will spill out into the Plaza for lunch together. We live our lives for Jesus and for our neighbors. Having lunch in plain sight is one way we make ourselves available to the city God has called us to.

Bring a chair or blanket. Bring your lunch, grab lunch from one of the fabulous eateries around town, or take advantage of our Buck-O-Slice Pizza.

LatestChurch Staff
Bring On The Christmas Cheer

We’ve Got Your Curated Christmas Playlist Ready

Even though you won’t admit it, we know you’ve already been listening to Christmas music. At least you hear it each time you walk into Starbucks.

We've created a Christmas Spotify playlist to help you get beautiful songs about the Savior stuck in your head during the holidays.

Take me to your Christmas Spotify playlist.

Also, take a listen to the two songs below. You may be singing these on a Sunday morning this Advent season.

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Support Our Mission While You Buy Stuff

Amazon is sending us checks.

Cyber Monday is right around the corner and Amazon is willing to donate a portion of your purchases to Sovereign Grace Church.

When you shop, use the link below and .5% of your qualifying purchases will go straight to our Opportunity Fund. It doesn't cost you anything. You just designate our church and use

Our Opportunity Fund is used for strategic projects intended to extend and expand our ministry. Church planting, future leader development, new facilities, and global missions.

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