A Joyful Church

Genuine Christians With Genuine Joy

On Sunday, Pastor Dustin preached from John 15:1-11 beginning a 4-week sermon series on the culture of our church. What kind of church is Sovereign Grace? A community of joy. We exhibit the joy of Jesus in many ways: our songs, our smiles, our perseverance, our love for one another. It’s not fake, happy-clappy joy. It’s deep-seated and indestructible. Let’s exhibit it all the more.

Listen to the sermon.

Resource Recommendations from the sermon:

Manage Your Money For God's Glory In 2019

Manage your money or it will manage you.

Once a year we offer a course on the biblical principles of financial stewardship. The classes are conducted in a small group setting, using a discussion format and curriculum adapted from Crown Ministries and Money and the Gospel.

8 classes, every other Tuesday, beginning February 5th.

Les and Sue lead the class. Check out testimonies of members who’ve been impacted by it here and here.

Materials cost $30 per person or $55 per couple. Scholarships are available. The registration deadline is January 15th.

Sign me up.

New Giving Platform For A New Year

You Want To Give
We Want To Make It Easy

By God’s grace, our church is filled with generous people - men and women whose gratitude to God overflows in generosity. You give your time, your affection, your gifts. You give your lives. Thank you.

You also support the church by giving financially. We want to make that even easier on you, so we’ve switched to a new giving platform: PCO Giving.

You will be able to setup an account, schedule recurring donations, and easily track and export your giving.

Get Registered and Set Up

Head to www.sovgraceoc.org/give and click the “Give Now” button. Once there, click the “Login” button at the top and follow the instructions to setup your account. This will make using the features much easier.

(If you’ve been using our old system, it will be disconnected in the next month. Make sure you get switched over to the new system as soon as possible.)

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A Class For Those Exploring Sovereign Grace Church


This Sunday is our regularly scheduled Intro Course. The Intro Course is the perfect next step if you want to get to know Sovereign Grace Church better.

The class is led by a pastor and hosted in their home. Join us this Sunday 1/6/2019 right after out service from 12:30pm-2:30pm. Lunch and childcare are provided.


The Intro Course is for any and every guest of Sovereign Grace Church. Whether you've attended for 1 Sunday or 100 Sundays. Whether you're a Christian or not. Whether you want to join as a member or have no idea what membership is.


It's a place to come and explore, learn, and ask questions.

Get registered right here.

An Old Building Made New

The Wait Is Over

Old Towne Orange has waited for over 2 years to see this beautiful building on the west side of the plaza restored and opened. On January 7, Urth Caffe is welcoming its first customers.

The OC Register has written a couple of great articles on the restoration which include old and new pictures. Check them out here and here.

We Love Our Old Towne

Church Staff
2019 Challenge: 12 Bible Verses Every Californian Needs To Know

Every year we challenge you to form a new discipline or practice that promotes spiritual growth. In years prior we challenged you to fast on the first Friday of each month, read 12 books in 12 months, attend church 52 times in one year, and to read through the entire Bible in one year.


This year the challenge is Scripture memorization: 12 Bible Verses Every Californian Needs to Know. Each month we will provide a Bible verse for you to memorize. For those who complete all 12 months, we will throw a party celebrating the ways God has strengthened you with His word.

For memorizing, we recommend you read the verse 10 times then recite it 10 times. Do this each day and within a few days it will stick. Learn more about how to memorize Scripture here and here.

Once you have it memorized, recite it for us before the month is over. You have two options:

  1. Record a video and send it to info@sovgraceoc.org. You’re on the honor system, but make sure to keep your eyes on the camera the whole time. We trust you.

  2. Head to our Welcome Desk on a Sunday morning and recite it to one of the Connect Team members. After you do, send an email to info@sovgraceoc.org letting us know which Connect Team member you recited it to.

January’s Verse: John 1:1-5 (ESV)

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

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Thank You For Making Christmas Eve Wonderful

Our Christmas Eve service is a highlight every year, and this year was no different. Tons of you volunteered to setup and tear down, sing, greet guests, make cookies, and serve warm drinks. It was beautiful watching you live your lives for God, for one another, and for your neighbors. Thank you.

Enjoy these photos from the evening and thank Christy next time you see her for capturing them.