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7 Reasons To Be At Sunday School This Week

Every Sunday before our service, a group of adults gather for teaching and discussion. It’s old school Sunday School — adult theological training for everyday life.

We recognize not everyone is able to participate. But for those who can, here are seven good reasons to jump in this week:

  1. God’s Word directs us to grow in the knowledge of our Lord (2 Cor. 8:7; 2 Pet. 3:18).

  2. Every Christian is called to teach (Col. 3:16), which means every Christian must continue to learn.

  3. The current curriculum ( covers the foundational beliefs of our faith — beliefs we should all know and be ready to explain.

  4. The teachers know God, love God, and want to serve God.

  5. The teachers know you, love you, and want to serve you.

  6. Others will offer insights you may not have considered.

  7. Others will ask questions you may not be asking.

Sundays at 9:30am in the Woman’s Club Gardens

There’s no homework. All you need to do is show up with your Bible eager to learn.

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Our First MAN Talks

Our first MAN Talks was a success this past Saturday. Thanks to the 30+ men who joined us. A special thanks to the 4 men who gave talks: Mark, Daniel, Ben, and Luke. It was a joy to hear of the ways God has proven faithful in your life and guided you toward our church.

Check out the photos.

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The 2019 Manly Man Award

This past Sunday, we conferred the 2019 Manly Man Award on Bobby Westphal. As a band director and musician, he received the coveted golden fluteophone.

His wife, Alie, shared a number of ways Bobby has glorified Christ by exhibiting biblical masculinity. She summed it up saying:

Bobby has a quiet strength about him. Everyone he meets recognizes in him an easy disposition and kind heart. Bobby thinks clearly and makes decisions with a level head, always seeking to serve the Lord in everything he does.

That is the Bobby we know and love. We’re grateful that God has made his life a part of ours.

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MAN Talks Is Tomorrow

Our Only Men’s Event of the Year

You’ve heard of TED Talks. Tomorrow, we’re bringing you MAN Talks. A half-day with the men of Sovereign Grace Church punctuated by 4 talks from 4 men who will share stories of God’s faithfulness.

Saturday, June 15th
@ the Church Offices

We’ve got competitions and a meat-centric lunch for you. Here’s what you can bring:

  • Your beach/camping chair

  • Your game face

  • Your appetite

  • Your sons (if you have any)

  • Your friends

Make sure you park in the library parking lot right next door.

See you tomorrow.

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Beach Camp Is Less Than A Month Away

Friends that vacation together stay together

Those who’ve been around know that each year a couple of our members attempt to secure an incredible group campsite at Refugio State Beach near Santa Barbara. This year, they got it!

Check out this write-up and you’ll see a photo of our campsite.

There’s no big program planned. This is kick-back beach camping with friends. Bonfires, swimming, kayaks, surfing, horseshoes, volleyball, fishing, hiking, and eating.

The week of July 8-15, 2019
$8 per person per night

The price includes access to stand-up paddle boards and kayaks that will be shared among the group.

Spots are limited but there are still some openings. You can come for all or part of the week.

RSVP by emailing Les and Sue. Include the following:

  1. Number of campers in your party and their names

  2. Number of vehicles you’ll be bringing (trailers count as a vehicle)

  3. Which nights you would like to camp

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Members Meeting Recap

A Meeting That Matters

Thanks for making our Members Meeting a priority this past Sunday. We had a ton to cover: financial updates, leadership development, new policy docs, and more. You engaged in the meeting and braved the heat admirably. Thank you.

Below are a few action items for you. We want to help you be the best Sovereign Grace Church you can be.

  • Prayer Meeting. Our weekly morning prayer meeting is 6 weeks old and already bearing good fruit. For those who can, we encourage you to participate regularly. Every Tuesday morning from 6:30am-7:15am at the church offices. All the details are available here:

  • Sohie Internship. Dylan Sohie completes his 11-month internship next month. The pastoral team will provide a formal recommendation soon, but encouraged us to thank Dylan and Christy for the investment they have made in our church. The pastors reported that Dylan has proven to be a strong candidate for pastoral ministry and are committed to equipping and preparing him for a potential call to pastoral ministry. Be praying for the Sohies’ future

  • Policy Docs and Statements. The pastoral team has been working on an updated Membership Covenant along with a host of policy documents that cover issues like domestic abuse, church discipline, mandated reporting, and registered sex offenders. With situations like these, good intentions aren’t enough. We all need to be thoughtful, measured, wise, and skillful. Please take some time to review the documents on our Constitutional Documents page:

  • Church Planting. We have identified the Anaheim Colony Historic District as our most-likely next church plant site. Please begin praying for a church planter, a congregation, and the resources.

One Big Thing That Got Missed

When discussing denomination roles and staffing, the pastors missed one staff member who is making a huge difference in their ministry and in the life of our church: Anne Adam. Anne serves tirelessly in a range of roles from executive assistant to hosting/leading a small group to leading hospitality teams to scheduling volunteers to … you name it! She ends up doing all the things that nobody else can get to. She’s a servant. The pastors couldn’t do most of what they do without her help and input.

Anne, thank you for your tireless service. You are a model of one who serves by the strength that God supplies (1 Pet. 4:11).

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Youth Camp 2019

Two Months ‘Til Youth Camp

Co-hosted by Sovereign Grace Churches of Pasadena, Orange, and Santa Ana. This will be a weekend to remember.

August 9-11
Thousand Pines Christian Camp
Crestline, CA

7th-12th graders are welcome. Hit the link below for more info and to get registered.

Sign me up for Youth Camp

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