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Christians Have The Corner On Hope

The Future is Impossibly Bright

On Sunday Pastor Eric preached from 1 Peter 1:3-5. The new life that we have in Christ through His resurrection is the source of our hope. His very life courses through our veins. Our eternal inheritance is being kept for us and we are being kept for it by God’s power.

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Our First Sermon From First Peter

Faithful Christians in a Post-Christian World

Pastor Eric preached from 1 Peter 1:1-2. It’s a brief introduction and greeting but don’t tune out. These few words set the tone for the whole letter. We need God to equip us to be faithful Christians in a post-Christian world. In order to do so, we must remember that we are fundamentally who God says we are.

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In Search Of The Good Life

Pick Your Path

On Sunday Pastor Dustin preached from Psalm 1. He reminded us that we work tirelessly to find and experience the good life. We’ll try anything that promises to give it to us. But the only path that takes us there is the path paved by the Giver of Life.

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The First Section Of Genesis Is Finished

Pastor Eric preached from Genesis 11:10-32 this past Sunday finishing up the first major section of the book. We now take a detour to the book of 1 Peter. Eric summed up this section by reminding us that the pace of our lives is slow, the details of our lives are forgotten, and nobody is perfect. But God is faithfully bringing His plans to pass. He’s using our lives. He’s regenerating the entire cosmos for His glory and our good.

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A Monument To Man's Ambition

The Tower of Babel

On Sunday Pastor Eric preached from Genesis 11:1-9. He reminded us that we are always tempted to build our own kingdom instead of God’s. If humanity combined their efforts we would work harder to rebel against our Maker. But God dispersed us and confused our languages because of His grace — to slow down our rebellion and prepare for Himself a redeemed people from every tribe, tongue, and nation.

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Combatting An Envious Heart

Only the One who transcends our hearts can change them.

On Sunday church member Jason Roenicke preached from Psalm 37:1-7. He pointed out that it’s easy to become envious of those who “succeed” in life. It seems that the wicked run the world. But that’s not true. God runs the world. We must fight to trust in Him, delight in Him, commit to Him, and wait patiently for Him.

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Don't Skip The Genealogy

God Put It There For A Good Reason

On Sunday Pastor Eric preached from Genesis 10:1-32. This genealogy reveals that every human is in solidarity with every other human. Humanity is one big family. This genealogy shows us the delusion of temporary prosperity. We must work for something more than what we can see. And this genealogy reminds us of the beauty of unmerited grace. Without this genealogy, there would be no Jesus. There would be no new humanity. But thank God, there is.

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