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Brotherly Love

With Earnestness and Sincerity

On Sunday Pastor Eric preached from 1 Peter 1:22-2:3. Those who are born again to a living hope are called to love with brotherly affection. Though we often feel like we need to be loved, our new life in Christ enables us to earnestly love our fellow elect exiles.

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Our Privileged Position

A Good Time To Be Alive

On Sunday Pastor Dustin preached from 1 Peter 1:10-12. We are often tempted to wish for a different life. But we occupy a privileged position in God’s plan of salvation. We know what prophets longed to know. We experience what angels wish they could experience. We enjoy a clear view of the glorious grace of God displayed through the saving work of His Son.

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When Suffering Is Necessary

The Most Counterintuitive Truth in the World:
We Need to Suffer

On Sunday Pastor Eric preached 1 Peter 1:6-9. We assume that the world would be better without suffering. But Peter inserts a word we wouldn’t expect when thinking about suffering: necessary. Sometimes it’s necessary for us to suffer. Why? So that our faith can be tested. Why does our faith need to be tested? So that we can celebrate the enduring faith God has given us.

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Christians Have The Corner On Hope

The Future is Impossibly Bright

On Sunday Pastor Eric preached from 1 Peter 1:3-5. The new life that we have in Christ through His resurrection is the source of our hope. His very life courses through our veins. Our eternal inheritance is being kept for us and we are being kept for it by God’s power.

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In Search Of The Good Life

Pick Your Path

On Sunday Pastor Dustin preached from Psalm 1. He reminded us that we work tirelessly to find and experience the good life. We’ll try anything that promises to give it to us. But the only path that takes us there is the path paved by the Giver of Life.

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Street Fair Is Here

A Block Party With Half a Million People

The 47th annual Orange International Street Fair kicks off tonight at 5:00pm.

Check out this breakdown of the Street Fair from IHeartOldTowneOrange. And for an incredible perspective on this massive event, watch this time lapse video from last year. If you pay close attention around the 4:25 mark, you may even see some familiar people.

Don’t Skip Out

We know a huge crowd on a hot weekend is not appealing to everyone. But we should see this as an opportunity to be a light to our city. Be here. It speaks volumes about the love of God for our neighbors.

Plan to arrive early on Sunday because parking will be tight. You’ll likely be walking a bit further than usual. Show up at 9:30am for Sunday School and you'll have no problem.

The First Section Of Genesis Is Finished

Pastor Eric preached from Genesis 11:10-32 this past Sunday finishing up the first major section of the book. We now take a detour to the book of 1 Peter. Eric summed up this section by reminding us that the pace of our lives is slow, the details of our lives are forgotten, and nobody is perfect. But God is faithfully bringing His plans to pass. He’s using our lives. He’s regenerating the entire cosmos for His glory and our good.

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Street Fair 2019 Is On Its Way

A Block Party With Tens of Thousands of People

In just a few weekends Old Towne Orange will be overrun with visitors. And we love it. Live music, food, and a whole street just for the kids.

Make the Street Fair part of your plans for Labor Day weekend

You'll need to arrive early that Sunday because parking will be tight. You may be walking a bit further than usual. Show up at 9:30am for Sunday School and you'll have no problem.