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Our Privileged Position

A Good Time To Be Alive

On Sunday Pastor Dustin preached from 1 Peter 1:10-12. We are often tempted to wish for a different life. But we occupy a privileged position in God’s plan of salvation. We know what prophets longed to know. We experience what angels wish they could experience. We enjoy a clear view of the glorious grace of God displayed through the saving work of His Son.

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Am I Suffering Because Of My Sin?


On Sunday Pastor Dustin preached from Job 4:1-9 beginning three weeks covering the speeches of Job’s friends. He reminded us that sin is not always the direct cause of suffering. Often times, God’s purposes in suffering are mysterious. Many people suffer innocently in His world. Job did. Jesus did. And we will too.

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The End Of Everything


On Sunday Pastor Eric finished off the book of Romans preaching the doxology at the very end, Romans 16:25-27. He reminded us that Romans is designed to turn us into worshipers. Not scholars. Not intellectuals. Not good citizens. But worshipers. Our thoughts about God must turn into heartfelt love and adoration of God. That’s what the book of Romans has done for us.

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Unoriginal Christians

Our Lives Relentlessly Point to Christ

On Sunday church intern Dylan Sohie preached from 1 Corinthians 11:1. He reminded us that the Christian life is a life of imitation. Originality is overrated. We want our lives to inspire others to love and serve Jesus.

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We Are Under Attack

Romans 16:17-24

On Sunday, Pastor Eric reminded us that our greatest enemies are those we fail to recognize. We are influenced by what we listen to, what we sing, and what we read. Are those things Christian or are we being subtly led astray by our enemy? We need to be discerning. Discernment is a crucial skill in order for us to more fully live in the good of the gospel.

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Church History Matters

We Avoid "Chronological Snobbery"

Pastor Eric preached from Paul's personal greetings in Romans 16:1-16. He reminded us that we cannot afford to be unaware of the saints who've gone before us. Otherwise, we may think our experiences are unprecedented rather than ordinary. As Paul wraps up his letter, he addresses a list of beloved saints who have done the extraordinary yet ordinary work of gospel ministry. And God has the same kind of work for us to do as well.

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Take It Personally

The beginning of the end of Romans.

Pastor Eric preached from Romans 15:14-33 this past Sunday. He reminded us that affirming the grace of God in one another brings God much glory. When we look at each other, we see what God sees: His Son. The things Jesus has called us to do, we do together. The gospel has bound us to one another.

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Our Diversity Is No Threat To Our Unity

ROMANS 15:1-13

This past Sunday Pastor Dustin reminded us that God is preserving our diversity as we reach maturity. We are not all the same, and that is a good thing, even though it can create tension. God has provided everything we need to persevere as a community comprised of very different people.

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