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We Gathered Around Jesus

"For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord's death until he comes. "
1 Corinthians 11:26

Community in Christ is Beautiful

Thank you for making our 2018 Communion Service a success. Friendships were built. Food was eaten. Songs were sung. And most of all, Jesus was celebrated and adored. A special thanks to those who served by cooking, setting up, and tearing down.

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A Song To Get You Ready For The Communion Service

Our annual Communion Service is this Sunday. All the details are here.

We Gather Around Jesus

This service provides a unique opportunity for us to celebrate the gospel. As a family, we gather around Jesus, the Sacrificial Lamb who laid down His life for us. Our feast this Sunday will be a faint echo of the great feast that is coming at the end of time. A feast that Jesus paid for with His own blood. An unending feast that will be unmatched in joy.

The song above pictures this reality. Listen to it as a way to prepare your heart for our time together this weekend. 


Verse 1
Go to the highways and hedges
Go to the furthest of fields
Go and compel the sick and the well
Our Father's house will be filled

Verse 2
Go to the streets of the city
Bring in the crippled and blind
All who would taste this banquet of grace
Must come and waste no more time

Come to the feast
Come to the table
The great and the least
The rich and the poor
Come to the feast
Come to the table
Come and hunger no more

Verse 3
In the robe of the Lamb you'll be covered
Dressed in His pure righteousness
For all of your guilt His blood it was spilt
So come by your Father be blessed