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Santa Ana - God's Surprising Provision

Planting a church takes many partners. Some are planned and strategic.

Some partners surprise us.

They are God's way of making it clear that this is His work. He is committed to it, He is providing for it, and He is accomplishing it. 

Recently, we received a generous, unsolicited financial contribution from a sister church in our denomination. They did this out of the goodness of their own hearts because they believe God called them to.

Included was a note addressed to Kyle Houlton, our church planter in Santa Ana. Read it and be encouraged that God is supplying all we need to reach people in Santa Ana. 


We love church planters, and we thank God for you and Kelsey! Thank you for serving Christ and for making sacrifices to see the gospel advance in Santa Ana. We are praying for you, and we are excited about all that God will do through your labors. God is with you!