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We Sing New Songs About God

We sing a new song this Sunday. Have a listen above or find it on our Spotify playlist.

We can’t wait to sing and celebrate our God and Savior with you this Sunday.


God, our Father, full of power 
Maker of the heavens
Maker of the world 
Forming all things seen and unseen 
Truly the Almighty beyond all measured worth 
Holy is His Name 

We believe the Lord our God is One 
Father, Spirit, Son; This is our God! 
We believe forever He will reign 
Let the church proclaim: This is our God! 

Our Lord Jesus sent to save us 
Born unto a virgin, lived a perfect life 
Greatly suffered, dying for us 
From the grave He’s risen
Seated now on high 
Holy is His Name 

Jesus will come back again
To judge the living and the dead 
Usher in the age to come
Let everyone sing “Amen” 

Spirit, holy, One in glory 
Speaking through the prophets
Empowering the Church 
Life is given by and through Him 
With the Son and Father
Worshiped and adored 
Holy is His Name

"All Israel Will Be Saved"

What Does That Mean?

In Sunday School this week we’ll be wrestling with Paul’s statement in Romans 11:26 that “all Israel” will be saved. Come be a part of the discussion. Learn and grow.

Woman’s Club Garden

Let's End Romans The Right Way

17 Months
47 Sermons
Over 30 Hours of Preaching

This Sunday is our last sermon in the book of Romans. Thank you for leaning in and listening with ears of faith. We have been challenged. We have been changed. God has done it through His Word.

Romans Doesn’t Have To End Here

We want to draw out our time in Romans a little bit more, so we are offering two special studies. Both of them will happen at Sunday School this Sunday (9/16) and next Sunday (9/23). Pastor Mike is teaching them.

He is tackling two big questions:

  • What did Paul mean when he wrote “all Israel will be saved” in Romans 11:26?

  • What happened to the Roman church after Paul’s letter?

Join us this Sunday at 9:30am in the Woman’s Club Gardens

Church History Matters

We Avoid "Chronological Snobbery"

Pastor Eric preached from Paul's personal greetings in Romans 16:1-16. He reminded us that we cannot afford to be unaware of the saints who've gone before us. Otherwise, we may think our experiences are unprecedented rather than ordinary. As Paul wraps up his letter, he addresses a list of beloved saints who have done the extraordinary yet ordinary work of gospel ministry. And God has the same kind of work for us to do as well.

Listen to the sermon.

Take It Personally

The beginning of the end of Romans.

Pastor Eric preached from Romans 15:14-33 this past Sunday. He reminded us that affirming the grace of God in one another brings God much glory. When we look at each other, we see what God sees: His Son. The things Jesus has called us to do, we do together. The gospel has bound us to one another.

Listen to the sermon.

Our Diversity Is No Threat To Our Unity

ROMANS 15:1-13

This past Sunday Pastor Dustin reminded us that God is preserving our diversity as we reach maturity. We are not all the same, and that is a good thing, even though it can create tension. God has provided everything we need to persevere as a community comprised of very different people.

Listen to the sermon.

Why Orient Your Life Around Jesus?


On Sunday Kyle Houlton, our Santa Ana church planter, preached on John 1:35-51. He asked us to remember what made us decide to devote our lives to Jesus. He provided four glimpses of the glory of Jesus that make Him worthy of our allegiance.

Listen to the sermon.

We Are Free To Love Others More Than Ourselves

For God's Sake

On Sunday Pastor Eric preached from Romans 14:13-23. He reminded us that Jesus has made us free. We are free to do all kinds of things that bring us joy and please Him. But our freedoms can hurt our brothers and sisters. When they do, we are free to love them by restricting ourselves. We no longer ask, "What can I get away with?" We ask, "How can I glorify God while doing good to those for whom Christ died?"

Listen to the sermon.