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This Is Not A Children's Story

Noah and the Flood

On Sunday Pastor Eric preached the opening verses of the story of the great flood from Genesis 6:9-22. He reminded us of this sobering truth: nobody can escape the consequences of their sin unless they get in the boat. The flood reminds us that God sees every sin and injustice, God judges everything sin touches, and God saves those who trust in His mercy.

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The Creation Of Everything

Everything has its significance in God.

On Sunday Pastor Eric preached from Genesis 1:2-31. What do we believe about the genesis of the cosmos? Were the days of creation literal or metaphorical? Is the earth billions or thousands of years old? There’s room in our hearts and on our bookshelves for different answers to these questions. Here’s what we must believe: God created all of it from nothing, He delights in everything, and He invests His very likeness into mankind.

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Trusting God With Our "Why" Questions

God Doesn’t Answer Why

On Sunday Pastor Eric preached from Job 28 encouraging us to trust the One who knows every "why" even when He doesn’t give us the answer. He is the wise one. He knows the reasons and meanings behind every heartache and misfortune.

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How God Treats His Friends

Are you prepared for the inevitable?

On Sunday Pastor Eric began our newest sermon series preaching from Job 1:1-5. He reminded us that, despite all the evidence, we never see suffering coming. And when it comes, it is quickly followed by the question, “God, why this?” God’s answer is complex because our struggles are complex. But any study of suffering ultimately leads us to our Savior, the One who suffered for us. Only in Him can our suffering ever make sense.

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Serving For Jesus' Sake

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.”
Colossians 3:23-24

To run our services every Sunday we rely on a team of volunteers. They do it for us and their Savior.

They don’t do it to be recognized, which is why it’s so much fun to publicly recognize them.

This past Sunday we had Scott on his last day with the video team training Paul to replace him. Nate on the drums preparing to lead congregational singing while being a dad to his kids. Zac, Ben, Joey, and Anne cleaning our projection screen.

This is only a small sampling. There are volunteers welcoming guests, making coffee, caring for children, printing bulletins, teaching Sunday School, setting up and tearing down, and participating in our liturgy.

All of them are proof that the Lord is at work among us. A community of people who serve Jesus by serving us.

We thank God and we thank you for serving.

Jessica's Testimony

On Sunday, we welcomed Jessica as a new member. She shared with us why she is glad to call Sovereign Grace Church “home."

I was a member and on staff at a large church. It was at that church where I became a Christian. It was there where I discovered the value of community and discipleship. It was there where I encouraged, loved, and challenged. I was deeply connected. It was home.

But a little over year ago I knew that it was time for me to find a new home. I just didn’t feel like I was growing spiritually anymore but I wanted go hold on because it was all I had ever known. I was torn and confused.

I shared this with a friend of mine and he invited me to Sovereign Grace. I agreed and visited. Of course I was nervous because I hadn’t been the new person at church in a very long time. But I was warmly greeted as entered and even invited to go to someone’s home for lunch. I was taken aback at everyone’s warmth and genuineness. It was overwhelming in the best way.

I visited other churches trying to find a new home but would go back to Sovereign Grace. There’s just something about this church.

I joined a small group, attended fellowship events, and made incredible friendships here.

I am so thankful that God in this season of my life has me at his very church and I am so excited to be a part of it.

I am growing here, I am challenged here, I have community here, and I am loved and encouraged by others here. This is home.

It Is A Privilege To Lead Sovereign Grace Church

Leadership Retreat 2018 is in the books.

God met our leaders as they engaged in a marathon 12-hour meeting this past Saturday. Thank you for sending them and praying for them. May God bless our ministry in Orange, Santa Ana, and beyond this coming year.

A big thank you to our brothers and sisters at Trabuco Canyon Community Church for hosting the retreat.

Take It Personally

The beginning of the end of Romans.

Pastor Eric preached from Romans 15:14-33 this past Sunday. He reminded us that affirming the grace of God in one another brings God much glory. When we look at each other, we see what God sees: His Son. The things Jesus has called us to do, we do together. The gospel has bound us to one another.

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