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We Can't Wait For Somebody Else

If faith comes by hearing, we must speak the gospel

On Sunday church member Luke Womack preached from Romans 10:14-17. He reminded us that every person is guilty before God. Faith only comes by hearing the word of Christ. Every Christian needs to be busy declaring the gospel to those who don’t believe. From our neighborhoods to the farthest nations, we must preach the gospel.

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True Rest For Tortured Souls

Where is God in my struggle with mental illness?

On Sunday, guest preacher Andy Farmer opened up Psalm 116 to address the topic of mental health. He taught us that mental anguish is a form of suffering we experience. But our struggle does not separate us from God. Our struggle does not define our lives. And our struggle can only be fully remedied by Jesus.

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A Neighborly Church

We’re at our best when we’re loving our neighbors.

On Sunday Pastor Eric finished a 4-week sermon series on our church culture preaching from Matthew 22:34-40. Jesus teaches that loving God isn’t enough. The one who loves God can’t help but love others. They go together. We can’t isolate. We must love our neighbors, even the unlovely ones.

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A Joyful Church

Genuine Christians With Genuine Joy

On Sunday, Pastor Dustin preached from John 15:1-11 beginning a 4-week sermon series on the culture of our church. What kind of church is Sovereign Grace? A community of joy. We exhibit the joy of Jesus in many ways: our songs, our smiles, our perseverance, our love for one another. It’s not fake, happy-clappy joy. It’s deep-seated and indestructible. Let’s exhibit it all the more.

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Should You Dig Deep?

Your frailty reveals God’s power.

On Sunday, church member Israel Carbajal preached his first sermon from 2 Corinthians 4:7-18. He reminded us that God has put the precious treasure of the gospel into weak vessels: us. We need not fear our frailty because God is our strength.

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The Better Sufferer

What is the worst thing that could happen to you?

On Sunday Pastor Eric asked us to ponder that question as he preached from Job 1:6-2:10. We should not attempt to compare our suffering to Job. It’s likely that his suffering is worse. But Job serves as a model of how to suffer well. We need to learn from him, not compare ourselves to him.

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How God Treats His Friends

Are you prepared for the inevitable?

On Sunday Pastor Eric began our newest sermon series preaching from Job 1:1-5. He reminded us that, despite all the evidence, we never see suffering coming. And when it comes, it is quickly followed by the question, “God, why this?” God’s answer is complex because our struggles are complex. But any study of suffering ultimately leads us to our Savior, the One who suffered for us. Only in Him can our suffering ever make sense.

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We Have Already Won

It Often Feels Like We Are Losing

On Sunday our deacon, David Christensen, preached from 1 John 5:1-5. He reminded us that life is filled with obstacles, challenges, and resistance. We overcome them by looking to Jesus who has already won. We can be confident that we share in His victory because He has given us new spiritual life, He has manifested the love of God to us, and we see the fruit of obedience He is producing in our lives.

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