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A Monument To Man's Ambition

The Tower of Babel

On Sunday Pastor Eric preached from Genesis 11:1-9. He reminded us that we are always tempted to build our own kingdom instead of God’s. If humanity combined their efforts we would work harder to rebel against our Maker. But God dispersed us and confused our languages because of His grace — to slow down our rebellion and prepare for Himself a redeemed people from every tribe, tongue, and nation.

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Combatting An Envious Heart

Only the One who transcends our hearts can change them.

On Sunday church member Jason Roenicke preached from Psalm 37:1-7. He pointed out that it’s easy to become envious of those who “succeed” in life. It seems that the wicked run the world. But that’s not true. God runs the world. We must fight to trust in Him, delight in Him, commit to Him, and wait patiently for Him.

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Don't Skip The Genealogy

God Put It There For A Good Reason

On Sunday Pastor Eric preached from Genesis 10:1-32. This genealogy reveals that every human is in solidarity with every other human. Humanity is one big family. This genealogy shows us the delusion of temporary prosperity. We must work for something more than what we can see. And this genealogy reminds us of the beauty of unmerited grace. Without this genealogy, there would be no Jesus. There would be no new humanity. But thank God, there is.

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Trembling Joy

What does it feel like to fear a God who is for you?

On Sunday Pastor Eric preached from Genesis 8:20-9:17. Just like Noah, we are in the center of God’s awesome power yet completely safe. We fear God and we love Him. We tremble before Him and we feel His tender care.

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Step Out Into A New World

Never lose the wonder of your new life in Christ

On Sunday Pastor Mike preached from Genesis 8:1-19. Noah and his family leave the ark and set foot on a renewed world. This corresponds to the life of every Christian. Those who hide themselves in Christ walk in newness of life now and will one day inhabit a completely renewed cosmos.

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The Lord Shut Them In

Creation Reversed

This past Sunday Pastor Eric preached the account of the flood from Genesis 7:11-24. Creation is reversed as God floods the world eliminating almost all of the creatures He had made. Yet, God displays His mercy by saving Noah and his family. Salvation always comes through judgment. That was the story in Genesis and that is our story as well.

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Is Jesus Worth It?

Lose everything to have Him

On Sunday Pastor Dustin preached from Philippians 3:3-11. He reminded us that it’s worth losing everything to have Jesus. All we once held dear, all our efforts to earn God’s favor — we count them as loss. If we have Christ, we have all we need.

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