We provide Children's Ministry during the sermon portion of our service. Your children are always welcome to stay with you and there is even a special place for mothers with infants. It's all up to you.

There are three different classes based on competency. They are designed for kids up to 7 years old.  When you arrive at check-in, we will help you decide which is best. You'll fill out a brief form and receive a card that will enable you to retrieve your child afterwards. We follow strict safety protocols and utilize Ministry Safe to train and qualify our volunteers.



The recommended age for this group is six months through one year. This group is for infants through walkers and toddlers. The CRAWL group is committed to providing a comfortable, nurturing, safe and secure time for childcare. 


The recommended age range for this group is one year through five years. This group is for those children not quite ready to sit and listen to a lesson. The PLAY group is committed to providing a safe environment for children to play.


The recommended age range for this group is four years through seven years. This group is for children who are competent and willing to participate in a focused learning time. The LEARN group has a trained teacher, with the purpose to instruct the children with a gospel-centered teaching lesson.


Additional info For Parents

Our goal is for every child to worship with the church. Not every child is ready for this and we work hard to make our church a safe place to train our children. We are here to help you every step of the way.

If you have young children, don't feel you must suppress their wiggles while we worship. You are encouraged to quietly explain the different parts of the service and the actions of those leading us. Remember that our children learn by watching. Worship with them by your side. If you need to leave the service with your child, feel free to do so.

Here are a few resources to help in training your family: