Disciples making disciples.

D.O.G. Class

An introduction into the Doctrines of Grace. This class asks the question "Who saved me?" Seven weeks, ages HS and up,  guests welcome. No homework.

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Sometimes we need help applying Biblical truth to our lives, especially when we're hurt, sad, confused, or alone. This is one-on-one discipleship.

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Money Management

Practical instruction in financial stewardship based on Crown Financial's curriculum. Open to members, HS and up. Moderate Homework.

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We provide opportunities for men and women to receive structured training and evaluation for future ministry.

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Women engaged in lively debate about God. Ages 18 and up. Enrollment is limited. Light homework. 

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Preachers' Club

A group meets regularly with a pastor for instruction and encouragement to grow in their ability to preach the gospel. Invitation only. Heavy homework.