No church is an island. We depend upon our partnership with other churches and organizations to play our part in God's great mission. The following represent only a few of the key relationships we enjoy as a neighborhood church in Orange, California. 

Sovereign Grace Churches

We belong to a network of churches called Sovereign Grace Churches. We partner closely with them in planting and building local churches with this the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a whole, member churches are evangelical, Reformed, and charismatic. They believe local churches are the primary means of advancing the gospel. They derive great benefit and joy from their relationship with “sister” churches. They are committed to playing a part in a shared, common mission.

The Southern Baptist Convention

We cooperate with the Southern Baptist Convention. They provide the additional support we need through the International Mission Board, their strength in Southern California, and their fine academic institutions.

The Gospel Coalition

The Gospel Coalition exists to complement the work of the local church by promoting the centrality of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all of life. They provide free online resources, host regional and national conferences, and are building a community of like-minded individuals around the supremacy of Christ.