Small Group Meetings

Our small groups are united around the principles and practices listed below. They are expressed differently from group to group and we invite you to visit as many groups as you need in order to find the group that fits you best.


Our groups exist to help us follow Jesus. We are His disciples and discipleship occurs in community. This is what makes our groups Christian. We build together because we share a common relationship with Jesus.


Our groups are led by mature, male church members. They (along with their wives, if married) facilitate meetings and keep the group organized. They are appointed, trained, and mentored by our Pastoral Team.


Our groups are a mixture of adults from every stage of life. This reflects the diversity of our congregation and encourages ministry between individuals with different backgrounds, experiences, and gifting (1 Cor. 12:12-20).


Our groups are generally organized by geography. We find meaningful relationships are best built with those who live nearby.


Our group discussions revolve around our lives. Sometimes we read a book or study a topic or review a sermon. However, the big goal is to know one another, encourage one another, and help one another apply Biblical truth in everyday situations.


Our groups pray together. As we learn about one another, we see how in need we are of God’s continual guidance, care, and provision. So we pray.


Our groups sing together. We set aside unhurried time to sing in order to fix our attention on God and to unite our hearts.


Our groups are fun because enjoying life is part of our worship. God is good and life is a gift.


Our groups often include younger children. Although this ministry is a ministry to adults, children are an important part of our shared lives. Each group manages childcare as best serves their members.